We do not like run-off-the-mill concepts… No! Our designs are freshly squeezed from the creative juices of our minds – tasteful, simple yet as twisted as you would like it.

We can weave the most intricate dreams into realities with sounds and images. We can fly you to the ends of galaxies if that’s what you wish. Yes. Our technical expertise combined with our top-notch designers makes almost every impossible dream you can dream off, possible. While we concur details of your campaign with our list of professional marketing strategies, we assure that the process will be hassle-free and affordable. We will support you to the very end till your campaign reaches the public.

Many of our designers’ creations have proudly received awards. It our pleasure to invite you to share with us our glory as we bring our creations to greater creative heights with new technological breakthrough. Once the little world tailor-made for you and your product is accomplished, it yours to keep forever.

– In Memory Of Cynthia Cheong Kai Shan, 1981 ~ 2005 –
whom wrote this beautiful corporate introduction for us