Dreamchasers Interactive

we do not like run-off-the-mill concepts… No! Our designs are freshly squeezed from the creative juices of our minds – tasteful, simple yet as twisted as you would like it.

We can weave the most intricate dreams into realities with sounds and images. We can fly you to the ends of galaxies if that’s what you wish. Yes. Our technical expertise combined with our top-notch designers makes almost every impossible dream you can dream off, possible. While we concur details of your campaign with our list of professional marketing strategies, we assure that the process will be hassle-free and affordable. We will support you to the very end till your campaign reaches the public.

Many of our designers’ creations have proudly received awards. It our pleasure to invite you to share with us our glory as we bring our creations to greater creative heights with new technological breakthrough. Once the little world tailor-made for you and your product is accomplished, it yours to keep forever.


– In Memory Of Cynthia Cheong Kai Shan, 1981 ~ 2005 –
whom wrote this beautiful corporate introduction for us

Core Team

Why the name Dreamchasers? Well, first of all, it holds the essence of the energy that motivates us – our dreams, and yours. Secondly, we excite in turning the brightest ideas from inside your mind into something real, hot and tangible.

So what about the people that made up this firm?

How shall we describe ourselves? Would it be responsible, original, diligent, committed, humorous, intuitive and creative? No, because we’re really humble, we shall just say that we are a team-spirited people who loves our work and we do our best for both the clients and ourselves. Listed below are the people that has made everything impossible, possible.

Singapore Team

Diploma in Graphics Designing

Recipient of various design awards, he is an important key person that will be in charge of and make sure all artwork is done ‘just right’.

Creative Director

Mag, Kah Tat

Getting projects managed for several years and a production background,  Wei Kai is one of the key personnel running our projects.

Project Manager

Kee Wei Kai

Our talented character artist has built for us countless 3D characters and animations.

He’s involved in many of our projects such as NEA, Science Centre, etc, and has been with us for over half a decade.

3D Artist


The project manager sees through the end-to-end process from start to delivery of the project.
Project Manager

Chung Zhao Hong

Arkady has been building 3D  environments for us for many projects such as the Science Centre and also AIA 3D games.

He’s one of the best 3D environmental artists we have

3D Character Artist


Vietnam Team

Smart and capable, Trinh helps manage all project matters and liaising between the Singapore team and the Vietnamese team. She is a very responsible person in our team.
General Manager


A fast learner and hardworker, Hao has been with us for a long time. He is in charge of all Unreal Engine production works and is a very dedicated and responsible worker.
Unreal Engine/3D Programmer


Degree in software development, Khanh is one of our oldest staff since the start of the company. He has completed many projects and seen many software development scenarios to be qualified as a veteran.
Software/IT Manager


Graduating in graphics design,  Julia is a very talented artist that has joined our team in recent months.


With many years of experience and the most senior staff in the company, Toan has many installation experiences with hardware/ software.

He is currently our on-site in charge of all project installations.

Hardware/Software Specialist


AI/ Deep Learning/ Technical Feasibility

Being a Master degree holder with intensive deep learning and AI development background, Khoa currently is our most qualified technical consultant.

He is a very tech-savvy and smart person to go to for solutions.

Software Consultant


With many years of experience in 2D and 3D design, Cuong shows an enthusiasm in his work and he is always aiming for the best results.


Degree in software development,  Tuan is proficient in Java and  Swift to develop mobile, and other development languages.
Software Engineer


Our office admin girl that handles all our daily in and out errant, Hoa is a very responsible and responsive lady.
Admin Assistant


A new addition to our team, Thinh graduated as a degree holder in the software development field.

A poised employee who always comes up with solutions but very reticent.

Unreal Engine/3D Programmer


Specialist In Character Modelling. Our talented artist, Bac specializes in all kinds of character modelling from realistic to anime-like characters.
3D Character Artist



Some of our services include…

Advertising, Graphic Design & Print

From corporate identities, brochures, catalogs, flyers to banners, posters and housing/ wall stickers designing.

Web, Interactive & Multimedia

Interface designing, technology or technical consultancy/ advisory, web/ software developement, software integration with hardware and actual installation.

Event Management and Exhibitions Setup/ Design

Setting up of exhibition areas, exhibits, hosting of events and events management – from manpower sourcing to catering.

Game Development

Game development, from mobile to consoles and to VR from conceptualization, design to actual development.

Photography & Videography

Filming and post production, audio production, digital retouching and the basic photo shoots (outdoors or indoors).

3D Modelling/ Animation & Illustration

3D modelling/ animation and digital/ traditional media illustration.

Electronic And Hardware Development

Development of electronic hardware such as heart pacer, movement detection and monitoring systems integrating hardware and software together.

Below is a list of our clientele that has worked with us over several projects:

For works before 2010 or a more complete list
of our works, download the zipped Powerpoint file here.
– Requires Winzip –


“Dreamchasers Interactive had done a great job at designing the SG-SPACE Website. They are quick at responding to our requests, design changes and provided value add in service delivery to our customers.”

Angelinie Winarto
Principal GeoSpatial Consultant, Geospatial Policy & Planning | GeoSpatial Division
Singapore Land Authority
18th December 2013

“We have recently worked with Dreamchasers Interactive, Singapore on our Kidney Health Education Bus. The Kidney Health Education Bus is a newly launched programme in 2014 to create awareness so that people can make informed choices regarding their health. With the bus we hope to educate the community through interactive hands-on exhibis, panels, games and videos as well as pamphlets and brochures on kidney functions, causes of kidney failure, treatment options and prevention.


Magius and his team have demonstrated professionalism and provided good service. They are willing to listen and accomodate to our requests. We also appreciate their promptness in communication, being always responsive to our emails, calls and messages.

We are very please with the finalised work of the Kidney Health Bus. Students especially of primary school leve loved the design and the game exhibits of the bus. They found the experience on board to be fun and interesting. Adult particpants also gave us feedback that the bus is very informative and is able to provide them with more knowledge on kidney disease.

Overall, we had an enjoyable partnership with Dreamchasers Interactive, Singapore.”

Jane Guo
Senior Manager, Community Partnerships
National Kidney Foundation
7th May 2015

“Dreamchasers Interactive has delivered well-designed websites for various town councils. They offer both turn-key and customisable options. They take a collaborative approach towards design and content development. We appreciate their constructive inputs on design and user-interface and have had a pleasant working relationship with them.”

Bernard Zhang
Manager | Corporate Communications
Nee Soon Town Council
6th April 2016

“Got to know Magius to develop a movile app for our company last year. Working together with their team this few months is truly an amazing journey, they always respond to your request in the best way they could. I do not have any experience in movile apps developing despite that Magius is always there to help. Though application is already completed they offer us services too and we always keep in touch.

Dreamchasers team have a lot of awesome ideas and they collaborate it wonderfully into their product. Althought we start up as business relationship slowly I feel more like working with a friend.

Do engage them, highly recommended. Big thumbs up.”

Richard Heng Yong Wee
CALL Pte Ltd
4th April 2017

Contact Us


We’re located at the following address:

Singapore Office
12 Woodlands Square
Woodsquare tower 1 #07-62
Woods Square S737715
Tel. +65 9127 5456

Vietnam Office
354 Hẻm 108, Phan Van Tri
Phường 11, Bình Thạnh District
Hồ Chi Minh
you may email us at

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